• Wire Drawing Machine

    A highest range of fine wire drawing machines for better production in less cost of production.

  • Wire Bunching Machine

    A highly effective, efficient, and dependable stranding machine system that enables the manufacture of outstanding quality strand.

  • Wire Enameling Machine

    Enamelling Machine is used to cover a copper and aluminum wire with an electro insulating enamel layer
  • Wire Recycling Machine

    Wire granulator is widely used in recycling scrap copper wire to separated copper and plastic, with dry physical crushing method generates no pollution. 

  • Wire Stripping Machine

  • Cold Welding Machine

    About Us

    Our company provides a complete set of wire drawing solutions for customers.

    One Stop Solution for Wire and Cables Industry

    Buy our international standard level Wire Drawing Machine, Annealing Machine, Enameling Machine,, Wire Buncher Machine and  Accessories.
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    Wire Drawing Machine
    Wire Buncher Machine
    Wire Enameling Machine
    Offline Annealing Machine
    Wire Braiding Machine
    Wire Recycling Machine
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    Related Products

    Cold Welding Machine

    We offer a selection of high-quality cold welders for copper, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals, either rods or fine wire. 

    Spares for wire and cables machines

    Spare parts of wire drawing machine. cones, capstan, annealing ring ,carbon brush,  bobbin, pulleys, copper wheel, shaft and so on.

    Wire Stripping Machine

    Our machine is an industrial grade automatic wire stripper for your scrap wire which Strips all sizes from 1mm to 40mm.


    Spools for all kinds of machine, such as wire drawing machine, Buncher, , bare wire, and stranded wire. to 11 Reels for steel cord, bare wire